Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10.00-18.00, Sat-Sun 15.00-18.00. 
During this time we also organise events for children.

Welcome to the café, the gallery and the library with Polish-language books🩷

Active German can be practised at Speak-Datings on Wednesdays. 
We do not currently offer German language courses.

👉 Schulzestr. 1, 13187 Berlin-Pankow, directly at the S1 Wollankstr.   
👉 NEW! Gotenstr. 45, 10829 Berlin-Schöneberg, directly at Südkreuz, open only during events & events for children.

Schulzestr. 1, 13187 Berlin, directly on the S1 / Wollankstr.

Gotenstr. 45, 10829 Berlin, directly at Südkreuz To the new Newsletter | more…


We support multilingualism!

With the support of the Berlin Senate for Integration, Migration und Partizipation our new project to support multilingualism starts. The components of the project are:

  • Free telephone counselling on multilingual child education
  • Cafés for multilingual families, educational staff and interested parties
  • Training for the international team

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Welcome to our podcast

SprachCafé Polnisch is a meeting and learning place with a Polish flavour in the north and south of Berlin, a bridge builder between languages, cultures and generations. Good neighbourliness and sustainability are close to our hearts. Become a part of this community!

About us

SprachCafé Polnisch in Berlin is an open meeting and learning place for language and communication, especially for fans of Poland of Poland, the country and its people, Polish language, culture and cuisine.

We meet to talk in Polish and German or in another language, to talk about interesting topics, to learn from each other, to support and inspire each other support and stimulate each other …

We are always keen to meet new people and hear new ideas! Bilingualism, multilingualism and education are at the centre of our work. We work across all generations and children are particularly welcome here. We welcome volunteers, supporters and sponsors who would like to support our charitable work and help develop the SprachCafé further.

Encounters are important. You are very welcome!