We would love to meet people who would like to get involved in our activities. Volunteering activities are gaining more and more recognition in society! And it’s cool!

SprachCafé Polnisch has been recognised by the Bundesamt für Familie und zivilgesellschaftliche Aufgaben as a place for volunteer work (BFD). You can volunteer with us at any time as part of the BFD programme!

We look forward to all Volunteers that would like to prove themselves, contribute with their individual qualities or spend time in the Café.

In addition to a good and inspiring atmosphere in the Team, many opportunities to try out one’s own strengths and improve the competences brought in, volunteering can be helpful in a job hunt. A certificate of voluntary work will always go down well on your CV!

Meetings on Schulze

The team meets regularly at our headquarters on Schulze Street, every third Monday of the month, 7-9 p.m. For individual appointments, please contact us: kontakt@sprachcafe-polnisch.org.

Seid herzlich willkommen!