Library and Bookshop

As part of SprachCafe Polnisch’s activities, we have prepared two libraries for you.

Schulzestr. 1

A library where, in addition to books in Polish and about Poland, you can find German-language versions of works by Polish authors. Books can be borrowed as well as purchased. Also books by authors who visit the café, with a bit of luck with their autograph.

In the library, we collect books from the following sections:

  • books about Poland (albums, history books, guidebooks, biographies, etc.) in Polish and German,
  • novels and poems for adults and young adults in Polish,
  • German-language books by Polish authors,
  • children’s books in Polish and German.

Gotenstr. 45

We have opened a volunteer children’s library for you at the Kafé in the south of Berlin, where we collect Polish-language books for children aged 0-12 years.

Library rules

Books can be borrowed after paying a one-time fee of €10 (cash on the spot) and signing the BDSG (consent to the processing of personal data). The one-off payment of the deposit entitles you to use both libraries.
A maximum of three copies can be borrowed at any one time. The borrowing period is two weeks.
A note must be made in the borrowing booklet stating the borrower’s name, e-mail address and telephone number.

The opening hours of the library coincide with the opening hours of the café on Schulzestr.

Before and during classes on Gotenstr. 45.

The library is run on a voluntary basis.

Readers can obtain an online catalogue with all items held in both libraries.

Access to the book catalogue and library regulations
Catalogue: Book catalogue.xlsx

Library regulations at Gotenstr. 45: Library regulations.docx (in Polish), Bibliotheksordnung

Library regulations on Schulzestr. 1: Library regulations (in Polish)

We are also happy to accept used books. Many thanks in advance for your donations!

Take a look at our shop and events calendar.

Thank you for your donated books.



Thank you for the donated books.
We all look after them together!
Enjoy your reading!