SprachCafé also in the south of Berlin

We look forward to welcoming you to the SprachCafé in the south of Berlin. And this is where people create places. We have known for years how much such cafés are needed. And how important they are. That’s why we’re delighted that you’re here. We invite you to help shape this new space for culture, education and encounters for people of all ages, especially for fans of Polish culture and the Polish language.

Gotenstrasse 45

The venue is located in an innovative residential complex – Schöneberger Linse – directly at Südkreuz, Gotenstraße 45, 10829 Berlin, with excellent transport connections via Ringbahn, S2, S25, Bus 248, M46.

Here we have been invited to help shape good neighbourliness. And that fits in perfectly with our concept of local activities in a big city! From the very first contact, we were impressed by the openness of the place and its creative and friendly atmosphere.

When can you visit Gotenstraße? Step by step. For now, we invite you to meetings – events will be publicised on our website, Facebook and Instagram. You can also find news and interesting facts in the new newsletter “SprachCafé im Süden der Stadt”.


Natalia Prüfer

Coordination & public relations n.pruefer@sprachcafe-polnisch.org

Joanna Ceremuga

Expert for multilingualism suedenberlins@sprachcafe-polnisch.org


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photos: Beata Torge, Agata Koch, Natalia Prüfer